8 and 9 Clothing Co - A Big Thanks!

Posted on 07 March 2014

We are very proud of what we have accomplished so far at New Lyfe. For those that follow any of our blogs and our line, you already know what we are about and what we represent. To succeed in an industry like fashion, you really have to market yourself. I am a private person so that has been weird. I realized today however that in our never ending quest for attention, we haven't really gone out of our way to thank some of the people that have helped us. 

8 and 9 clothing Co has helped us more than any other. I seriously wish these guys the utmost success.

8 and 9 is south Florida's biggest street wear line. They are a huge nation wide brand with lots of celebrity endorsements. They recently did a series with Jadakiss and Styles P. Being that in my opinion Jada is one of the top 5 rappers of all time, you can imagine my excitement. 

8 and 9 Clothing Co is lead by Ray Guilbault. He has been so generous to us with his knowledge and his time. I've known Ray for a few years and have worked with him in marketing his own website. Before Josh and I actually even founded the company, we first talked to Ray to pick his brain.

They have just always been so cool to us. They never asked us for anything in return. They let us hang out in their dope ass shop and ask questions. New Lyfe is still a pretty small company, nothing to the size of 8 and 9 Clothing. I'm sure Ray has better things to do then bullshit with me about how I can improve, but he just always kicked it with us. I always made sure to buy a few shirts every time we stopped by, but he never let us. He just gave them to us. One time I actually insisted to give him money and he gave us some shirts at half off. I left there once and posted a pic and tagged them on instagram. He re posted the pic with a simple yet profound quote. "Each one teach one." That has always stuck with me. To Ray, I really think it is that simple.

Ray hooked us up. He told us where to find materials and a designer. He taught us about keeping up with trends and the industry. Photography, fashion models. Everything. I kid you not there is no way we could have done this without him.

8 and 9 Clothing Co. is a lifestyle street wear brand. They have a much different message then New Lyfe, but I have always been a huge fan and will continue to rep their shit for years to come.

Ray started from the bottom, and has grown his empire one design at a time.

We have been so lucky to have their help. Keep 8 and 9 Clothing Co on your radar, because this brand has put in the work over the years and I guarantee they are about to make another breakthrough into the mainstream market.

So again... big thanks to the team at 8 and 9 Clothing Co, and especially to Ray for all of his guidance and help.

We owe you!

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