TYGA drops $20,000 on an Egyptian Tomb and it's AWESOME!

Posted on 24 February 2014

Tyga has spent more that $120,000 decorating his newly opened clothing store in Melrose - Los Angeles. The store is called "Last Kings.". To tie the place together, Tyga just spent $20 K on an actual Egyptian Tomb. 

Word is that $100,000 was spent to paint the ceiling like the Sistine Chapel. The remaining money went towards the tomb and the other decorative pieces. Seen below are the two black and gold guard statues. Tyga also imported sand. I guess its actual sand from Egypt because I feel like there is plenty of sand in California.

The luxury and affordable street wear brand attracted massive attention from fashion gurus, and style icons on Thursday (Feb. 20) at the celebration of his pre-opening of his new digs. 

Here is another shot at the store. I don't know much about interior design, but the inside of this store is sick.

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