FREE TSHIRTS! - The Bonnaroo experiment.

Posted on 12 February 2014

This year, the Beeteam is going to Bonnaroo. To stay true to form, we are going all out! We rented the Taj Mahal of campers for the road trip. We first fly into Atlanta where we pick up the camper, and then road trip the rest of the way to the farm in Manchester Tennessee. None of us have ever driven anything that big so lets hope we don't die.


Anyway, we have been throwing ideas around about how we can bring New Lyfe to Bonnaroo. After some brain storming we thought it would be cool to design a shirt inspired by Bonnaroo, and give it away for free. We were concerned about it because we didn't want to spend all the money, with the risk that no one will really care about free t-shirts. One of us had the great idea of posting our plan into the Bonnaroo sub-reddit. The idea EXPLODED!!! People are sending in their ideas for designs, and it looks like we are going to have an entire army of people coming to our camper to pick up free shirts and to meet the New Lyfe crew.

You can see the entire thread here -->> BONNAROO SUB REDDIT FOR NEW LYFE SHIRTS

This will be my first trip to Bonnaroo. I can hardly contain my excitement. We have so much going on with New Lyfe right now, and we figure that giving away free t shirts is just another way to show our love and appreciation for all of you beautiful people. We get our inspiration from the people that we meet every day who dig our shit and send us pictures. Bonnaroo will just be another way for us to personalize our brand, show you that we are actual people that will hang out and shake your hand. We put our blood, sweat and tears into this so we are very much looking forward to spending a week on the Roo farm and ball out.

We will be posting updates as the process unfolds. For all of those who are going to Bonnaroo, we will let you all know where we park so we can all meet each other and share the love. We hope to give away as many t shirts as we can.

If anyone has any other ideas for a shirt design that mixes Bonnaroo and New Lyfe, feel free to send in ideas. We will send out the design once we finish it so that we can get your feedback.

As always, feel free to contact us at

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  • Brian Haddock: March 05, 2014

    Please send me a xl tshirt to 1769 vesta view ln Birmingham Al 35216

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