Outfits made Famous by Celebrities

Posted on 31 January 2014

Don't lie... you read all those trashy magazines at the checkout line at the supermarket. I look at them too. I am only human, how could I not be interested in Taylor Swift's newest boyfriend? Celebrities are a staple in pop culture. Celebrities have existed since way before the internet, or TV or even magazines. Celebs influence us, and for the sake of this article, let's take a look at Outfits made famous by celebrities. So... without further a due..


Yes!! First and foremost, Jesus Christ!! Jesus's fahion and style is legendary, and he brings more to the fashion world then just great hair and a great beard. Frat kids all over the country can thank Jesus for their annual togo parties. Jesus can't take credit for being the first, but he was certainly the best. 

2. PAUL BUNYAN - The Lumberjack

I have a bit of a personal issue with this one. I have this awesome red and black flannel jacket. You can see me wearing this jacket in a picture I took with my sister last Christmas -> just click here. It is literally, fucking impossible to wear my red flannel without someone calling me Paul Bunyan. The magnitude of this fashion icon can not be denied. Paul Bunyan owns red flannel, thanks for ruining it for me Paul. 

3. BRUCE LEE - The Yellow Jumpsuit

Bruce Lee is a personal hero of mine. This outfit was made famous in Bruce Lee's iconic Kung Fu movie entitled "Game of Death" which was released in 1978. Bruce Lee is one of modern histories most influential figures. He is known as the greatest martial artist of all time, but he was a social and political figure, and philosopher and a fashion icon.

In Kill Bill, Uma Thermans yellow jumpsuit was inspired by Bruce Lee. Everyone knows who Bruce Lee is, and his jumpsuit will forever be connected to him.

4 - James Dean - The Leather Jacket

James Dean defined the term "rebel." The original bad boy. Women loved him and men wanted to be him. Why do you think bikers wear leather jackets? James Dean made this look famous. Time magazine said he was "the biggest news Hollywood has made." The entire biker culture would not exist if not for James Dean, a cigarette hanging from his lip, and his leather jacket.

5. MARILYN MONROE - The White Dress

Even with all the millions of fashion pics that have been taken over the years, it is a fair argument to say that this pic is the greatest and most influential fashion photo of all time. Marilyn Monroe brought sex appeal to the forefront of pop culture, in a time when people were still very uncomfortable with sex. She became the worlds most recognizable woman. The white dress will always be associated with her and this picture. 

6. RUN DMC - Bling Bling

Run DMN is urban fashion. Their biggest influence is hard to label into one specific moment or look. Their influence is much broader in terms of cultural fashion influence. Rather than cementing a single outfit, Run DMC more so opened an entire new avenue of fashion, and gave the Urban and African American Community a look to coincide with their music. Every rap song about clothes, cars and jewelry, can be credited to Run DMC. These guys truly created their own style, and the effects are still felt today.

7. KURT COBAIN - The Seattle Look

As much as I feel like Kurt Cobain would hate to consider himself a fashion icon, he is. Ripped jeans, shitty t-shirts, Chuck Taylors, and a sad tortured soul. Kurt Cobain gave fame and credibility to the "starving artist" look. The look in where you're trying to tell every "I don't care about what I where. Look at me, I hate my father and I hate commercialism." Yup... you're that guy. Regardless, this look will always be around because there will always be a connection between art and fashion. 

8. LADY GAGA - Who the Fuck Knows.

If I am being completely honest, I have to admit that I have a fair amount of respect for Lady Gaga. She is a good singer, she is definitely an artist, and she doesn't give a shit about what people think about her. I can dig... however, sometimes this chick goes out in public wearing the craziest things. I am still a bit resentful that she wasted an entire dead cow on a dress. I'm all for artistic expression but cows are for eating, not wearing. From this moment on, anytime someone puts together an outfit made of the most outlandish shit possible, Lady Gaga will get the credit.

So that all we have for today. I hope to see some of your favorite or list of iconic outfits in the comments. What are your thoughts?

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