You Don't Drink.... You're no fun

Posted on 06 December 2013

This was sent to us by one of our friends and it encompasses what we are and what we represent at New Lyfe Clothing Co. Read on!!

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This topic of assumption has surfaced in many forms over the past week so I decided I would address the elephant in the room.

For the record, I have been having the time of my life with my sobriety. I still go out to bars, clubs, concerts, weddings, birthday parties and even raves without drinking.

It IS possible to enjoy life without the need for alcohol or a buzz to take the edge off.

That’s the beauty of it…my edge is always off. I don’t need alcohol to let loose or enjoy the moment.

I have learned to live my life without the need for escape. Instead, I choose to face my days without the crutches of my past and think or pray my way through obstacles as they are presented.

I was out at a very popular night club this past weekend and the ever famous 2 questions came up,

“Will you take a shot with me?”

“How about just one drink?”

Of which I turned both down and got the whole “Awe, you’re no fun!”

At the moment, it probably did seem like I was no fun, but what happened after both people asked me this was the fun part for me.

You see my fun comes in different forms nowadays.

What those questions did was open up a conversation for me to explain why I don’t drink, which is because I don’t do moderation very well and I had an unhealthy infatuation for cocaine that is only heightened when alcohol hits my lips.

From there I go on to explain that I still come out and enjoy myself because of my love for music and dancing. They are raw affections that are my new high. The happiness I feel from just listening and dancing is something that cannot be substituted and further indulgence in anything is unnecessary for me to enjoy either of them.

Both of those people ended up telling me later that they really respected me and thought it was super cool that I still come out and have what appears to be so much ‘fun’ without drinking or using drugs.

Shortly after the club experience, there was yet another situation where it was implied that I wouldn’t be any fun to have around during a weekend of shenanigans.

Well, I would agree with that to a certain extent…

However, my basis for agreement would be more centered around how un-fun it is to watch others get blacked-out drunk, inevitably man unpaid babysitting duty and cap it off with delighting in their ensuing hangovers.  That, to me, sounds much less fun than not drinking.

I still love them all the same and appreciate those who like to partake in what they think is fun by drinking or vicing how they like.  It’s just no longer something that is a fit for me nor would I use it to characterize a good time.

And lastly, the third run in with this concept was when someone actually said to me:

“You don’t drink…you’re no fun.”

I do respect the face value and the fact that this person, whom I love to death, said exactly what most people think or say behind my back. I know it was not meant in a mean way and it was said in a joking manner so it doesn’t offend me in the slightest, but it got me thinking.

Here is the deal, I could care less if people think I’m “fun” or not based on my drinking preference. I’m much more concerned that people know I am an honest, genuine and caring person with a good head on my shoulders.

I am not perfect and I gladly admit I have faults and weaknesses that I continue to work on. I push through them with God and most of the time I air it out right here for anyone to read and hopefully relate to.

I may not have fun qualities to some people, but what I do have is…

An everlasting God on my side whose relationship and opinion matter more to me than any person on this earth.

Ambition to better myself and help others along the way.

My memory. I remember everything, every time I go out.

The ability to live in the moment fully no matter where I am or who I am with.

A new way of living life, experiencing it and working through it above the influence.

Dance skills that only need a beat to come alive. Hey remember me? I was the one still dancing at 3am when mostly everyone else was too drunk to even stand.  (insert wink)

Wit. Quick wit if I might add. I’ve had to learn to be on my toes.

More brain cells. Hallelujah! I sure have been putting them to use.

An appreciation for staying in, being alone and not feeling like I’m missing a damn thing.

A new level of maturity that allows me to write, speak and voice life as I learn it.

This maturity also helps me to appreciate others and to meet them right where they are in their journey without passing judgement.

An unclouded mind that helps me to dream bigger, focus and hear my intuition on a much louder level.

Respect from most people I know because of how I chose to live my life. And put it on display as an example to others.

Oh yeah, and compliments on my skin.  No alcohol = less wrinkles.

While some might argue that not drinking is no fun, I beg to differ. Sobriety is living life with a different version of fun.

And it is perfect to me.

To each their own.


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