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Posted on 03 December 2013

We received an email last night from one of our fans. The email was in response to an article that was published by us on Sober Nation. The article was great and we got some good feedback, but when we got this email, it is proof to us that what we are doing is right and just another reason for us to keep moving forward. The email reads as follows.

Hello, I know the chances of this email getting rid are slim but I wanted to say thank you for such an awesome line. I ordered several items tonight after finding this brand via an interview with Josh Butcher on Sober Nation. Assuming I make it through the rest of the night I will have 78 days sober which hasn’t happened in well over a decade, it has been great meeting so many sober people and finding sites such as yours, makes it feel a little less lonely.

The interview was motivating for me as I have had a clothing line business idea for many years now but it always took a back seat to partying. I relate to Josh in the fact that that my idea isn’t necessarily to get rich but to also help people and that was refreshing. All the information online about starting a company is daunting but this interview helped reignite that fire (if you want to throw some info my way I wouldn’t be mad lol) and I thank you for that. Keep up the great work and I look forward to receiving my first order.

You can count on the fact that we will help this guy with whatever he may need.

It is a strange feeling to know that there are people out there, who we help, just by doing what we love. Chances are we will never meet these people, but they are out there and we love you guys even more for that.

From all of us, we hear you! We are listening, and we will never stop. As long as what we do is helping people, you can count on us to never stop.


Thank You!

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