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Posted on 18 November 2013

I am a little bummed about this video, because I wrote a blog a few months ago about thermodynamics and entropy the similarities of molecular mechanics and life. However, this guy put his thoughts perfectly into a beautifully constructed video about life and love.

Just to prove that I was on to something, here is a link to the article I wrote.

I could have been famous. 

But seriously I totally get where this guy is coming from, for me, and for us, we chose to believe that all does not waste away to nothing. I think the beautiful part of impermanence, is that its a lie. Our perception tells us that things get destroyed, but that's not the case. See nothing ever really is created, or destroyed. it is just turned into something else. When you think of it that way, the energy of the love and life we are scared to lose, actually does exist forever. It just simply goes into a different place. 

We are all made of star stuff. Nothing ever really dies.

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  • Derek M: November 18, 2013

    I dig the thermodynamics post dude. I had to use parts of my brain that have been asleep since 10th grade physics. Also, the video was really interesting. You should swing by my personal blog or my recovery humor page sometime. No, this is not meant to be a way to post my links on your page. I genuinely like to connect. It’s nice to see other signs of intelligent life in the rooms.

    ~Derek ;)

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