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Posted on 11 November 2013

Good times are important. What is the point of life if we don't spend time laughing and smiling?

New Lyfe threw a Halloween party a few weeks ago. I'm sitting here looking at a lot of fashion blogs and it's obvious that getting shit faced in a crucial part of the fashion industry. I think that's sad. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with drinking and getting high...

All I am trying to say, is that you don't need to be hammered to have a great time.


Here's the group shot of the party. It is tough to get everyone in the shot, but you get the idea. 

Now look... we are not a "sober brand." If you wanna party and have some drinks, have at it. I certainly have had my fair share of blurry nights. Being a drinker does not mean you can't fit into New Lyfe. We just try to represent the idea that anything is possible. The golden achievement for New Lyfe's founders, has been escaping the clutches of drug addiction. But everyone has their struggles, and everyone can find their "New Lyfe."

All we are trying to advocate with New Lyfe is positively. Find your passion, go after what you want in life, and don't let anything hold you back. I can assure you that spending your days getting fucked up will not get you any closer to your dream.

Think about it... What do you want to do with your life? You only get one chance, and from what people tell me, one day we all wake up and life has flown by. Don't let that happen to you. Keep your shit together. 

No matter what... try to have fun. If you do what you love, then you will find your work being enjoyable. 

Get it!

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